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!! 2019 shooting season offer !!

Book your four-legged companion in now for an initial assessment and receive 30% off a follow up session at any point of your choosing through or after the season.

💥With the UK shooting season in full swing it is important to consider the thousands of gundogs that will be accompanying their owners on the field this winter.

A well-trained gundog is not only highly enjoyable and rewarding to work with but also aids in the humane recovery of quarry, helping to demonstrate a responsible attitude towards the sport.

The BASC maintains the health and welfare of working dogs before, during and after a shoot is paramount.

Physiotherapy for your faithful companion, not only before your season takes off, but also at regular intervals during the colder months will help to ensure optimal performance, fitness and injury prevention whilst out and about, meaning many more successful retrieves and/or flushes.

Straightforward checks can be done to help meet standards such as keeping an eye out for open wounds, thorns and seed heads, however, other niggles including soft tissue injuries, leg, paw and joint issues and other more severe problems may require veterinary attention.

If your dog sustains an injury that requires any amount of time off to recover, physiotherapy can help to keep them in shape and will also encourage the most efficient recovery, decreasing chance of re-injury on return to work.

Physio may also help to, depending on the type of jury, decrease the time off that is needed, meaning less missed days on the field! 💥

*Follow up must be booked in for before the 29/02/2020 to receive the discount*

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